Monday, December 20, 2010

Reflection (2010)

So for those of you all who actually know me, I'll be leaving for Dubai in a few hours. Therefore, goodbye Malaysia for the rest of the year. Be back in January. So I'm now taking the effort to blog one last time before the year ends.

2010 was by far a WHOLE NEW YEAR for me. Almost every single thing had changed. New school, new people and so many more new experiences!

I shall start of with school as that's how the year began for me (and almost everyone else who's still a student). On the first day of an entirely new environment, I was really worried. Expecting that it would take really long for me to adapt. As the "new guy" I knew would be kind of left out and stuff. But as usual, God was with me and proved me wrong! To all my friends who I've come to know and love, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for making this a year to remember. Trent, Danesh, Jude, Ying Hong, Ian, Faya, Adrienne, Farah, Louise, Shannon and everyone else, you guys really are a blessing in my life. =)

Growing closer to people I already know never fails to amaze me. Just when I think I know everyone as best as possible, I come to know you all even closer. Especially a certain few. Mike, Edwin, Zhi-Wei, Eugene, Sean, Denise, Mei-Yan, SarahS, God bless all of you for being a part of my life for so long, growing up together, being so active in church, and of course, continuing our walk with God. =)

I love you all!

So despite all the crap that's happened this year, I shall not forget the happy ones as well =)

I'd love to post an individual message for each and everyone of you, but time forbids me cause the taxi JUST arrived =P I'll see if I can find time to do so while I'm away.

So yes, a MERRY CHRISTMAS and BLESSED NEW YEAR to all of you! Take care.

And to you, I'm gonna missssss youuuuu loads =)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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New blog template, along with a NEW header is a work in progress =)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Yet again.... ;P

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A beautiful exchange indeed

To all you people who are just as crazy about Hillsong as me, you probably already know they released their 2010 Live album in July. Taking a look at the cover, I didn't think it would be as great of an album as it's previous ones. That's where I was so WRONG! I guess the saying of not judging a book by its cover applies to music albums as well (Don't judge an album by its cover =P)

This album is by far Hillsong's best work of worship. It may not have as pumped up songs as its previous album, but the songs bring a whole lot more meaning.

You know how most of us only think that we're truly worshiping with our whole hearts only when we go all emotional and slow paced. This album begs to differ. Worship doesn't mean we can't be happy and stay focused on him at the same time i.e. always having to overly cry our hearts out every single time.

Even the album cover itself has a story! After reading about it, I understood why they went ahead with it (God is truly AMAZING). READ HERE

To really understand what I'm trying to say here, go pick up a copy of the album yourself. Guarantee to have no regrets =)


Sunday, October 3, 2010

"I am weak but He is strong"

Something I reflect on often is how I've changed since I was younger, since before I experienced God. Being the youngest in my family, all of my siblings have already left home. My sisters were already adults when I was born. My brothers left while I was in primary school. Of course I've enjoyed every moment spent with them before they left even if I didn't back then. It's because of them, I am who I am today. Them leaving while I was still young, I've had to learn many things by myself and through other people. While all of my friends had siblings to help them with their homework, I never had anyone to refer to.

Throughout the years, it's safe to say that I've grown maturely in both worldly and spiritually ways. However, due to this, I tend to rely too much on my own strength to do nearly impossible things. I guess the sense of independence comes as second nature to me. It's only recently that I realised that I can't keep this up forever. I have to turn to Him. The title of this post is taken from one of the most famous christian songs EVERRRR....... JESUS LOVES ME =D

But yes it is true. No human can do everything by him/herself. We NEED and MUST rely on His strength!

1 Chronicles 16:11
Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always.

Nehemiah 8:10
Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.

Psalm 28:8
The LORD is the strength of his people, a fortress of salvation for his anointed one.

Psalm 46:1
God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.

Psalm 105:4
Seek the Lord and his strength; seek his presence continually.

When in times of need, cry out to Him. Pray, and your prayers will be answered. =)

Revival & Prayer

Spending my weekend at a prayer conference wouldn't be something I'd normally do. But with consideration of current events and the change wanted to be implemented in church, I thought it would be good to go for it =)

All started of last week with Mei-Yan passing me the brochure for DUMC's Prayer Conference. The speaker was Pastor Dr. Phillip Lyn & his wife, Nancy. I, of all people should know the limit of my attention span. Verdict, .... not so good. I won't lie. There were times where I nearly fell dozed off during the conference (especially Friday night). The main message was revival and prayer. Revivals have taken place in places I never knew of and truly, after hearing the stories, God is simply amazing.

The pastor told us that how can we expect our nation to be revived if we ourselves have not been renewed. I'm sure many of us have had that one big encounter with God that has changed us since then. But it doesn't have to stop there you know! Though I pay attention to what's being spoken, pray with everyone else powerfully, there's always the question of whether I'd just be in the mood of it there and then, or be able to bring it back with me wherever i go. After the first day, I found it REALLY GOOD. But honestly, I felt like it wouldn't last long....

Then came Saturday. Wasn't planning to go for it due to my usual Saturday commitments. But I did really want to go for it. I was told that no matter how much we serve Him, we can only grow and learn if we make time to also RECEIVE from Him. Thus, my mind started to reflect =P I really did want to go for it though. THEN, I met bumped into Denise in church. Found out she was going for it later and since MYF was cancelled, I decided to follow her. Missed out on band class during BB, but I have no regrets in the decision I made. It was worth it. He makes things happen!

I even went for the third and last part of it, which was today. Right after first service, I tagged along with Zhi-Wei. When I left, let's just say I felt crappy. Didn't think I could pay attention today. During one of the times we prayed, my stomach felt like it had been slightly twisted (That's the best I can describe it). So, I decided to concentrate even more on my prayer. After crying out from the inside to Him, it was gone. Emotions faded. I basically felt plain. So I continued. I think I got "hit" by Him without even knowing it =)

After service, I went over to "The Burning Bush" (DUMC's own bookshop) to buy a book that was recommended throughout the conference; The Bario Revival. When I got to the counter, I managed to get the LAST copy of it. I for one don't read much on a normal basis. So it wouldn't really have mattered if I didn't manage to get it. Bu the fact that the last one they had was in my hands must have meant that God really wanted me to read it, and I shall do so.

At home, I didn't feel like how I'd normally feel every Sunday after church,which was something like "Monday blue's"? I felt "just", not worrying about tomorrow or the days to come. In conclusion, I did bring back, keep and gain a few things. I was REALLY REVIVED. My faith in Him has grown. Though I've been resisting and not giving in, I learnt how to control myself instead of letting the devil control me.


This nation better watch out! For He's coming! ;)

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